Nokia N90 System Error 19:28 on Saturday

Today I got my first proper system error on the N90. Or actually I got a “syst. error”, to translate the Finnish message.

As to why, I have no clue. Now that care had been taken to shorten the error message to take a few characters less screen estate, maybe a few of the 146.432 pixels on the screen could have been put to use to actually inform the user what happened or at least how to remedy the situation.

I know the smart phone probably doesn’t know what happened, but I think it would be better to tell the user to manually restart the phone and try again, than not tell anything.

I just get so irritated with bad UIs (as if you couldn’t tell).

3 Responses to “Nokia N90 System Error”


  1. Jasmo Says:

    I’ve got those irritating and nothing-telling error messages a lot with my Nokia 6600. Maybe first generation S60 is so much worse than new versions. Anyway – error messages don’t tell anything. Error 31514. Ok. That’s fine. What should i do?

    Why software has so often poor error messages? Only some error codes and that’s it. Why it doesn’t try to recover by itself? Why it doesn’t tell me what happened or what lead to that problem.

    Bad error messages comes from bad software engineering process. Every output that user can see should be readable. It’s up to coder to do it so. Unfortunately, often they don’t have enough time.

  2. shahid abbas Says:

    helo. i have a nokia N90 mobile. it was working well but from last to i am facing a problem which is that when ever i tried to call a CONNECTION ERROR appears i changed many sims but the problem is same aloso no call is recieving . and second is that my mobile dont have Urdu language as a writting language which i need most .i belong to pakistan. what should i do

  3. Niko Says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. You need to take it to a repair center.