Linked in the past or the future 21:23 on Thursday

Updating my LinkedIn profile today I was faced with the question: should my professional headline reflect most closely what I am or should it be more about what I want to be? To me the latter seems like over-promising, but isn’t it quite the only way to get noticed for the gigs I want?

At Razorfish I worked on taking the brand of a client from being a set of logos, typefaces and colors inspired by the vision and mission to a new whole including interaction between the client company, their staff, their clients, their subcontractors and so forth. Back then we didn’t have the term “user experience”, but basically the project was about looking at the user experience the client was currently providing and writing down broad guidelines for providing a good user experience in the future. The client was really happy, dare I say ecstatic, with the results.

Still, I do have a big problem calling myself a “brand consultant” or a “user experience visionary” (like the LinkedIn examples suggest). I’ve done one successful project five years ago and would love to do more. So how do I phrase this on my LinkedIn headline?

2 Responses to “Linked in the past or the future”


  1. Peppe Says:

    Hmm, how about “brandologist”? :-)

  2. Niko Says:

    It sounds like a title for an expert on brands of the drinkable kind…