Doing motivates doing 22:08 on Wednesday

If it seems all I have written about in the past couple of days is Softys, it’s only because it’s all I have been thinking about. While working on the project I’ve been in a great doing mood, you know the kind when you get things done and have a feeling of achievement. Most days anyway.

What’s great about a day job is that almost all of the time you have things in front of you waiting to be done. But during the nine to five hours, you often forget to cherish that continuous momentum, whether it’s big or small. On the other hand, working for yourself you’re destined to run into slumps in work, motivation and creativity that completely kill the momentum and make it really hard to get back up to speed.

To be propelled forward by your own work is a luxury you don’t necessarily have that often as a self-employed creative.

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