Softys.net is open 10:24 on Monday

Haven’t been blogging much lately, which is because I’ve pretty much spent every waking moment either eating, mixing Softys music, thinking and tinkering about the Softys site, or watching TV and trying not to think about the Softys site. The site is not quite there yet, but it’s good enough to put out.

So what’s this Softys business then? Put simply, it is my artist name for my chillout music productions. The project I have been working on is to create a website where I will release one song every month (I’m late already, yes I know), for free. Every release will also include generative computer art, a Flash animation that draws something on the screen while you listen to the music and changes every time you watch it again.

With Softys I’m also experimenting with the idea of open music and trying to incorporate it into everything I do. It’s kind of an open source movement in music thing. You will be allowed to download remix kits for each release and make your own versions of the songs. I’m hoping to soon add a cover art “remix kit” as well. And source code for the animations (when I get it cleaned up and properly commented).

I’ve learnt a lot while making the Softys site. Firsts for me during this project:

  • Creating WordPress plugins
  • Figuring out how to incorporate Flash content into a WordPress site
  • Taking advantage of Del.icio.us MP3 tagging
  • Learning about podcasts, what they are (technically) and how one goes about creating a podcast

And I’m sure there’s lots more to learn before I start feeling easy about the whole project.

For all this free work I’ve deserved a vacation. I’ll be back from Lapland next week. Meanwhile, listen to Softys and please spread the word and make all your friends and their friends and relatives and ex-lovers listen to it as well.

2 Responses to “Softys.net is open”


  1. ClickRich Says:

    This sounds like an exciting project! Can I ask how you set about creating podcasts? I need to do one soon, and could do with some useful pointers. Thx

  2. Niko Says:

    I think I’ll need to blog about my experiences, but there are some pointers I found but did not have time to look at. You might want to check out Apple’s Podcasting Guide (4.4MB PDF).