Opera 8.5 for N90 23:00 on Tuesday

I just found out that if you own the Nokia N90 (or one of a few other Nokia models) you can get the Opera 8.5 mobile browser for free. This is good news for us N90 owners as the Series 60 built-in browser has great difficulty with basically every page and the Opera included with the N90 is made for older screens with a smaller resolution. Basically, the new Opera rocks.

Almost. Three things I noticed in 10 minutes of trying it out:

  • The font size is tiny and you can’t change it. The lines in the letters are one pixel wide, and well.. the width of one pixel on the N90 screen is 1/10mm. In other words, really small.
  • Newline characters in the text edit field in my WordPress blog don’t work. Even worse, those characters mess up the text, deleting semi-random bits. I would guess this has something to do with character encodings, and could be a problem with other sites as well.
  • Forms get ugly and messy with the rectangle that shows the active form element.

2 Responses to “Opera 8.5 for N90”


  1. Jasmo Says:

    I strongly recommend that you use Opera Mini (http://mini.opera.com) whenever you can instead of Opera for Symbian. It’s smoother and faster and cheaper to use.

    Unfortunately it does not always work which was the case when i was in Switzerland and tried to update my blog.

    Compared to basic browser, Opera actually enables the web browsing. Can someone argue that you could surf the web with basic browser? I found it next to impossible.

  2. Orion Says:

    Opera Mini has a feature which makes blogging with it quite annoying. Somehow the text lenght of all the text boxes/areas is limited. Basically Opera Mini prevents you from writing too long blog entries ;)