Easier luggage pickup for all 23:07 on Wednesday

If you’ve read this blog before, you know computers bug me. A lot. But you know what else bugs me? Waiting for luggage at the airport.

Still image from Michael Jackson's Billie Jean video
Michael shows you how.

Next to the conveyor there is a line on the ground that tells people to stand behind it. Apparently people can’t read, or don’t understand that for the benefit of all, they should obey the line. If people stood back that one meter, everybody would see when their luggage is coming, everybody would have room to pick up their luggage from the conveyor, most would not get hit by people lifting heavy luggage off the conveyor, and these people would not have to whine about others pushing them to get to their luggage…

Here’s my proposition: make the “don’t stand here” floor area light up when someone steps on it. A bit like the floor tiles light up in the old Michael Jackson video. Even better, make the floor blink. In red. There’s nothing like pointing out the offenders with a blinking red light.

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  1. daku Says:

    Wonderful idea. And then to find a way to deal with the people who drag their luggage trolleys right up to the conveyor belt. And park them parallel to the belt, in order to create the maximum blockage for anybody standing in the row behind them.