3 rules for decisions and 4 reasons to fail 22:34 on Sunday

Three rules for making decisions:

  1. A good decision quickly executed is better than a brilliant decision slowly executed.
  2. A bad decision executed is better than not executing at all.
  3. Make well informed decisions, and act on the decisions quickly.

Four reasons why it’s so hard to make up your mind:

  1. You lack belief in your own understanding. You don’t trust you can make the best decision with the knowledge you have. See rule 2 above.
  2. Making a decision closes out other options. This is the tyranny of the freedom of choice.
  3. Fear of commitment.
  4. Fear of failure.

If you’re interested in decision making, check out the January 2006 issue of Harvard Business Review and Overcoming Serious Indecisiveness by Dr. Hossein Arsham. I haven’t read either completely.

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