Spam music 10:42 on Thursday

Sometimes excellent music comes from surprising places. Like spam, for instance.

I maintain the site for Club Unity which entitles me to receive playlists, dj booking requests, and endless amounts of other music related newsletters from people advertising themselves as the next big thing. Most of them have not even glanced at the Unity site to get an idea if they should email their latest country promo MP3s to us or not. They shouldn’t. They’re simply wasting our time and their own. So I educate my spam filter to catch most of these emails or return bounces to senders in hopes of their list server putting me on a blacklist.

But every now and then an email gets through and I check it. This time the unsolicited e-letter came from DSP Recordings who were advertising the new seven-track collection of zero-beat ambient by Dark Farmer. The obvious lack of internet marketing IQ aside, the music is very good. Definitely not for everyone, but if you enjoy repetitive and evolving soundscapes influenced by the sounds of classical music, go to their site and download the music for free.

A couple of hints for the DSP Recs team though:

  • Put MP3 tags in the tracks. If you are distributing music for free, why make it impossible for new fans to discover who you are?
  • Implement an easy way to donate money as a way to thank for the free music. A PayPal donate button would do.
  • Link the tracks to del.icio.us, add meaningful note texts and the MP3 links will show up with a player in search results.
  • Email lists should be opt-in. In some countries (like mine) it’s against the law to bulk email people without their permission.
  • Make sure only you can send to the email list address. Although the “email marketing for dummies” discussion on your list was quite entertaining.

One Response to “Spam music”


  1. Peppe Says:

    Er, this may be a bit off-topic, but incoming spam muzak could be a good source of material – especially considering a theme album, using only snippets & samples from these “cuntry muzak played with rubber ducks disguised as accordions”-compilations? Now THAT would be something. Not entirely new or exciting but… okay, where’s me coat?