Online identity aggregators 20:17 on Friday

With too many MySpaces and LinkedIns around, I would ask someone to please come up with a way to aggregate my public online identity to all social networking sites.

Maybe I could store an XML-file on my server that would describe everything about me. I would enter the URL of that file to every networking site and they would fetch and publish the information on their site. The sites would also check the file for changes periodically, not unlike checking an RSS-feed. After suffering the mandatory standards battle for a two or so years, everybody would happily agree on a format and my identity would be spread to all world.

Or maybe Google could come to the rescue. They have an endless supply of storage space and they’re already indexing pretty much everything I do on the internet, from my email to my surfing. Instead of creating an XML-file, I could enter my information into Google Base. Google Base could ping the social networking sites when I make changes, so the networking sites would not need to download six billion files every week to see if my favorite pizza has changed.

One Response to “Online identity aggregators”


  1. Jeffrey Lindblom Says:

    Apparently, profil.es does what you want.