New theme 12:59 on Sunday

I’ve been working on a new.. err, personal theme for my blog over the weekend. I’m testing it so things might get weird here.

A fluid layout on decent browsers, some slightly more unusual fonts used (might try sIFR when I get the time), bigger fonts even though big fonts are going out of style, and finally some underline love for the majority of links. Underlines on the sidebar were too messy so unfortunately aesthetics go over accessibility here.

2 Responses to “New theme”


  1. Peppe Says:

    Mmmm. Cool. Much better than the previous factory preset basic vanilla floppy disk vogue!


  2. Peppe Says:

    Just one thing: while we were going thru male/female differences I came to think that maybe you should ditch that pink or magenta (or whatever) in the rightmost column. :-D It’s not manly enough – or lad-ish. Ah well, just adding a tiny drop of chauvinism into your soup…