Nokia N90 phonebook downgrade 12:50 on Tuesday

Comments from my 2nd day with a Nokia N90. Fifth rant.

Oh how I hate it when you have something good, you upgrade it, and the “new, improved” version doesn’t do what it used to do. Enter Nokia’s vision of the new, improved Phonebook application. Improved over older, non-Series 60 phones, that is.

Before continuing on the subject, I must do a small sub-rant. Believe it or not, conceptually I would prefer just a list of my contacts, not a phonebook application. I think the whole notion of computer applications on a phone is flawed. Applications could be a flawed, technology-led concept on computers as well, but that does not make the idea of putting apps into phones any better.

That out of the way, let’s return to my original topic of the new phonebook.

The good idea: Entered letters are searched both in the first and last name of contacts plus the name of their company of employment.

The bad execution: Entering a letter yields an alphabetical list where the first items quite probably do not start with the letter you entered. And with memory for hundreds of contacts, the list could be long. To get my friend “Pete” to the visible part of the list (first 4-5 contacts) I’m required to type in his entire first name. Multiply this waste of time by every text message sent, and you will get more and more irritated by every message, until you adjust and accept this as a fact of life with the N90.

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