Nokia N90: Clear key inconsistency – Day 2, part 4 16:11 on Monday

Coming from the Nokia 6310i, at first I couldn’t figure out the logic for separate right function key and the clear key, aka C-key. It felt like pressing the wrong button all the time, trying to delete stuff when I wanted to go “back” and ending up in some disorienting menu when I wanted to clear a character.

Now, after over three months, I’ve begun to not exactly appreciate, but adjust to the idea of the C-key. It’s useful for quickly deleting unneeded text messages or pictures from the Gallery. It’s also there for you to delete contacts.

How often do you delete contacts? Not often I would guess. But there it is, a dedicated shortcut key for deleting them. As an added bonus it behaves inconsistently.

In N90 you can have multiple phone numbers for a contact. A logical way to delete one of the numbers would be to select the number in the contact details view (not edit details view, which is different) and pressing the C-key. But confirming the delete operation, you will actually delete the whole contact record, not just remove the phone number from the contact. With my reasoning the C-key should act on the visible, selected item on the screen, but on the N90 it doesn’t always work that way.

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