Nokia N90: Syncing with OS X – Day 2, part 3 19:41 on Sunday

Syncing N90 with OS X is not reliable. I know you’re going to blame me for using a hack to get N90 sync support, but I don’t believe this to be the cause of the mishaps.

Some seemingly random but often used contacts get left out of the sync — or to put it more appropriately, deleted from the phone. A couple of times the sync has also cleared the phone contact list completely. Changing the phonebook group selected for sync in iSync device prefs remedies the problem but results in a “Device refused to sync some contacts” error during the next sync.

Technically the problem most probably lies on the OS X side, but from the user’s point of view that is indifferent. If I have a problem with my computer that only manifests itself when I use my Nokia phone, I feel it is Nokia’s fault. That hurts Nokia’s brand, not Apple’s, and therefore Nokia should take action (they even might, if they had any real interest in Mac users).

Syncing is one of those things that I think should be done either perfectly or not at all. What’s the point of syncing if you need to go through all your contacts to make sure you didn’t lose anything?

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