David Weinberger notes 15:49 on Friday

Yesterday I attended a talk on “The New Shape of Knowledge” by David Weinberger here in Helsinki, courtesy of Aula. It was good, but somehow I was left wanting (even) more insight. Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe I don’t need anyone to tell me what knowledge is because I’m so smart. ;)

Jokes aside, I took home a few things. These do not represent the whole of his talk, just small bits I personally wanted to remember.

  • Sorting and filtering information “on the way in” is not good when you’re storing info digitally. The chaos of miscellaneous information is more valuable than specific items picked by whoever put the data in.
  • Tagging can create semantic friendships. People who use the same tags probably share the same interests.
  • Technorati is a tag aggregator. I’ve found Technorati useful, but at the same time kind of wondered what it is. This is a good enough answer.
  • People don’t necessarily need (or even want?) the right or the perfect information. Good enough knowledge is what suffices most of the time. Partly because we’re keeping ourselves too busy, partly because there’s too much information to go through.
  • Taxonomy is top down organization while folksonomy is bottom up organization. Another clear enough elevator explanation. Thanks for that.
  • Combining tags with social networking concepts could bring more context for tags, for example to indicate taggers’ political stand. Often tag combinations are enough though, as has been demonstrated by Flickr clusters.

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