Celestial jukebox, (almost) live 09:17 on Friday

Celestial Jukebox (having all music ever recorded available anywhere) being such a grand idea, it’s nice to see someone, namely the MP3.com mastermind Michael Robertson, putting the beginnings of the idea in action. Please welcome, Oboe. Basically the service allows you to upload all of your music to servers and listen to the music from anywhere. Having a complete backup of your music library is a nice side effect of this.

So how do you upload? How do you download? Is this legal? I hear all kinds of questions pop up.

Well, the easiest way to upload (for me at least) is to use an iTunes plugin that simply syncs the tracks to the servers. I guess the same plugin allows syncing to the other direction, in case my audio files get lost, but whenever you have a network connection you can also listen to your locker tracks by streaming direct from the site. (Now there is an opportunity for teleoperators to make the celestial jukebox dream one step closer to reality and earn gazillions from data transfer while providing the service!) The legality question I cannot answer. I guess it is legal, but based on how Mr. Robertson has done business before, my guess could be as good as his. He seems to be the kind of guy who does something first and asks permission later (always for a good cause, though).

Now all I need is to know does the $40 yearly fee really allow me to upload my whole 100GB library to their server. Plus with my ISP, about a month in continuous transfer time…

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