Tagging feeds in NetNewsWire 18:54 on Tuesday

How would I be able to group my nearly 200 RSS feeds in NetNewsWire by tags instead of hierarchical groups? The answer turned out being simple as… well, something really simple.

1. Tagging feeds

Feeds are tagged by entering tags at the end of feed names. If you want to keep things clean and don’t want the tags to appear on the feed list, insert a new line in the feed name by pressing option+enter just before the tags. Tags will now be effectively hidden on their own line and won’t be visible in the feed list. Here I’ve added tags gadgets and fun to my Gizmodo subscription.

NetNewsWire's Info window, showing feed name with added tags

2. Listing tagged items

The next step is to create Smart Lists for the tagged feeds. Create a new Smart List and set the match condition to Subscription Name contains and add a tag of your choice. In the screenshot I’ve created a Smart List for items tagged as fun.

New Smart List window

3. You’re done!

In my pretty fun example, posts from all feeds tagged fun will be visible by selecting the newly created Fun Smart List in the list of feeds.

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