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Nokia N90

My dear seven or so readers, this is the first post of what will become the most comprehensive Nokia N90 mobile phone review ever — unless you (or I for that matter) get bored before the end.

First of all: don’t get me wrong. I love Nokia. I’ve even done work for them, and done it with passion. But as a user of Nokia products, our relationship has gone sour. Our relationship is at the point when you only notice the flaws of your partner and most of the good things go unnoticed. So I apologize for the sarcasm and occasional moment of losing my temper with the silver brick.

And now, let’s go back in time circa 80 days.

I got my second “smart” phone almost three months ago, the Nokia N90 “imaging device” (quotes very much intended). My first one was the Nokia N-Gage QD, which I had for two days before taking that excuse of a phone back for a refund, and returning to my trusty Nokia 6310i.

After that initial Series 60 experience with N-Gage and a little twiddling with my friends’ smartphones, I became a serial disser for Series 60. In this light, I admit having been slightly negatively biased towards this new N90, too.

Anyway, after the first hour of use the N90 felt good. That I could not say of the N-Gage.

On the second hour the manure started hitting the fan: N90 does not have a vibrating alert. Point me to a person who is knowingly willing to pay over 700 euros for a phone without a vibrating alert, and I’ll take my words back. But for now, I would argue just about everybody expects new high-end phones to have certain basic features, such as a vibrating alert. It’s something you don’t even notice missing when you read the feature list. When you read the specs again in disappointment, you do notice it missing.

My first impression was that as the customer I have the privilege of expectation, but Nokia did not meet my expectations with one of their flagship products. So for the next couple of years this will be what I remember Nokia for, no matter how much high-cost branding comes my way.

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  5. Willie Says:

    I agree it was a big dissapointment when I realized that the “N90″ does not have a vibrating alert, I use my phone a lot and come in to contact with a lot of clients threw the day then I can’t see if somoene phones me because the phone is on silent and it does not vibrate.

    This is really pathetic of Nokia to leave out an important feature like vibrating alert they should call back all N90′s because they are going down quickly meaning Nokia.

    They should remember there is no such thing as a quick buck……..

    From a very !@##$% off nokia user!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Niko Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve now had the phone for almost 9 months, and I’ve managed quite well without the vibrating alert. When I get a new phone with vibrating alert, I’ll probably think I was crazy living without it… but for now, I’m adapting to the situation.