Sony DRM CD recall and the affected artists 00:35 on Thursday

DRM “protection” on a CD is something that is not working and never will, but I strongly doubt we’ve seen the last of the DRM saga with Sony’s mishaps. I’m left wondering what happens to the Sony artists who are affected by Sony’s inconsiderate DRM policy and the following recall of millions of CDs.

Traditionally it’s the artist who pays for all the expenses at the end, in the form of royalty recoupments. Will Sony recoup their CD recall losses from the artists? Instead of the usual odd CD returns in the royalty statement, will Van Zant and Celine Dion be looking at “2 million CDs returned, royalty balance: -3.400.000 $”? There is no blog community watching their back, that’s for sure.

Will this be the last (or just the latest) thing Sony manages to screw up? (The earlier episodes in the Sony DRM fiasco are outlined well in The Big Picture blog)

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