Web 2.0 side effect: Short registration forms 22:12 on Friday

Whatever you think of Web 2.0 aka Bubble 2.0 this side effect of the hype is excellent: all of the hyped sites I’ve come across have really easy registration forms. Most sites require nothing more for registration than a screen name and password. Everything on these sites that is not absolutely necessary for the user is optional to enter.

I don’t know if this has something to do with dedicated usability and user experience professionals being involved in the project teams, or just a greater appreciation for good user experiences that come from ease of use. In any case, this is a positive development.

One Response to “Web 2.0 side effect: Short registration forms”


  1. Ashish Roy Says:

    I think that is a great ease of use instead of those longish 3 page forms which used to exist. Upon login, user can always be reminded that she needs to fill in more info. to do XYZ task efficiently.