Notes where you need them 22:51 on Tuesday

I admit, I’ve been reading those embarassing self help books again, David Allen’s Ready for Anything, to be exact. A big part of Allen’s GTD methodology is writing down all your projects and corresponding next actions (to-do items) and putting them where you trust you’ll see the next actions when you need them.

I have a bunch of lists myself, but all in the same place. Instead of only seeing the actions in one big list, it would be great to have a small to-do list in OS X Mail, reminding me of the emails I need to send. Or Excel could remind me to calculate budget for next month. Or Word could tell me to write proposal for project XYZ. Obviously a list of calls to be made should be on the phone. When in standby mode, my mobile could list the people I need to speak to, a bit like a screensaver.

And of course, all of this shouldn’t be more complicated than jotting down a note on a piece of paper…

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