iTunes Finland 22:35 on Thursday

I guess everyone’s writing about this but anyway: the iTunes Music Store opened for Finland this week. I’ve been holding back my quite expensive record buying habits for three years, just waiting for this. And now it’s here—I went, I browsed, and I purchased two albums and got bored. Most of the stuff I was searching for, even really mainstream music wasn’t there. Then again, I could find some obscure gems of minimalistic electronic music.

My main concern probably was will the downloads sound as good as a CD. I’ve done some listening tests with the AAC file format iTunes Music Store uses and I think there is no way to distinguish the 128kbps AAC recordings from a CD recording, as long as you can’t do an A-B comparision. But still I found myself thinking I’ll get a CD of the albums I really want.

So is it really worth buying a CD and paying twice as much for an inaudible increase in quality?

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