JetGroove’s unlicensed catalog brought down 22:13 on Wednesday

The controversial music download site JetGroove was hit by the British and international trade associations and their huge catalog of unlicensed music was removed from the site. It’s a good display what happens when you try to work around the rules — everyone will be there to drag you down.

Here’s a quote from Digital Music News:

JetGroove Faces Music From IFPI, BPI

The free ride at JetGroove.com is now over, with trade associations BPI (British Phonographic Industry) and IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industries) dropping the hammer. The site, which carried an English address but was actually run out of Russia, enraged the indie music community by offering track streams without proper authorization. Now, the trade associations report that 50,000 tracks and albums have been removed from the site. For JetGroove, the ride was short, with the tracks posted for about two weeks. While the outcry from rights holders was deafening, some point to an unorthodox business model, in which the company would measure demand for specific tracks before actually licensing them. That would save on costs associated with obtaining rights, though the company crossed the line by offering previews of tracks without proper permissions.

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