Logic Pro 7 10:40 on Monday

Logic 7 is finally here with some long awaited features with distributed processing and recallable channel strip configurations topping my list.

Distributed processing allows other computers to be connected to the master system using ethernet making the CPU processing power of the connected computers available to Logic running on the master system. I do have a feeling this processing power is not shared automatically but on a track-by-track basis selected by the user. This really should be automatic — allocating processing resources is not my idea of creative music making.

Recallable channel strips on the other hand take away from the amount of unnecessary management tasks and hence is a move into the right direction. It basically allows you to save your choice of compressor, EQ, de-esser, gate, etc. you would use for a common voice strip for instance, and easily recall the whole set of plug-ins and settings later on. I hope.

Other improvements include Apple Loops support, which most likely is as good as the current REX file support, global tracks for tempo, signature, video and more, shuffle editing in Arrange (whatever that means), automatic crossfades in Arrange, and lastly worth mentioning: Multimeter, a proper analyzer plug-in.

I’m waiting to get my hands on the software to see if they have done anything usability-wise. At least they have not revamped the user interface to look like the rest of the Apple Pro apps.

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