War-grade design 15:43 on Thursday

I have to start by saying I’m as pacifist as you can get. But there’s something about totally utilitarian wear and accessories, like this Specialty Defense Systems — Engage back pack. Equipment that has every minute detail thought out for the use it is meant for. That’s the kind of design I look for. And like it or not, on many occasions it’s war (or defense as they like to call it) that pays the research on such design.

Although the striping on this back pack looks cool in a way, it is not a visual design decision but actually part of a system called MOLLE. Basically it allows you to hang various packs and pouches or other equipment on the rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched onto the surface of the back pack.

Maybe I should get one for biking… naturally the back pack contains room for a CamelBack water pouch too.

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